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Vanishing Points

Sant Khalsa - Stephen Lehmer - Douglas McCulloh



Death of The Heart - Sant Khalsa

From Death of The Heart - Sant Khalsa

With her "Death of the Heart" series of poignant b/w photographs Sant Khalsa depicts the slow death and decay of small rural towns in West Kansas. As interstate highways pass them by, and big box stores and corporate farming overwhelm them, a ghost town phenomenon has swept through the farm states of the heartland. The causes are complex, and the loss has had significant economic and cultural consequences for many Midwestern communities.



With his richly colorful photographs entitled "Montana Hi-Line," Stephen Lehmer, has documented the plight of rural towns in Montana. The trains that once spawned these still tidy, but quieting, communities now thunder by on cross country runs to international ports. Many of the proudly independent and prosperous farmers and ranchers have sold out to corporate agribusiness, while an estimated 70% of the children, on graduation, leave to seek better jobs elsewhere.


From Montana Hi-Line -Stephen Lehmer

From Montana Hi-Line -Stephen Lehmer


From Dream Street - Douglas McCulloh

From Dream Street - Douglas McCulloh







In his "Dream Street" series, as the tract of land is transformed from an abandoned strawberry field to a jumble of framed houses to a typical suburban neighborhood, Douglas McCulloh puts a human face on the process that has shaped so much of America in recent times. The name "Dream Street," he revealed, belies reality for those building the homes - most of whom are poorly trained and paid - and for those flocking to open house events hoping to find and buy their dreams.



The exhibition opened on Saturday, May 10, 2014 with an artist reception from 6-9:00 PM.