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Eye of the Beholder

Jo Babcock - Bruce Barton


BC Space Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition entitled "Eye of the Beholder." This two person show features the extraordinary visioning devices of Jo Babcock and Bruce Barton. 

San Francisco based photographer, Jo Babcock, has taken the concept of the camera into a unique realm by creating camera obscuras out of
unexpected objects and then using the object to record what the tools themselves might contemplate.


The drawings of Bruce Barton are a fitting compliment to these recordings by employing the ultimate analog camera of the mind's eye to reflect on the state of the world as he perceives it.

The synergy of these two innovative artists yields delightfully whimsical devices and equally engaging images that testify to how our collective vision has been so profoundly influenced by the "dark room" for which the Latin term "Camera" was created.


From Montana Hi-Line -Stephen Lehmer

Bruce Barton

From Montana Hi-Line -Stephen Lehmer

Jo Babcock

Eye of the Beholder will be on display through March 22, 2015. For additional information please contact BC Space Gallery at (949) 497-1880.

Contact information:

Rick Conkey (949) 573-8624, rickconkey@gmail.com

Liz Goldner (949) 378-6485, lizgoldner@cox.net