Beyond Borders
Exhibition : March 20 - May 1, 2007
Southern Exposure
   James Lerager’s Photographs from Latin Americ

“I believe that Latin America today is at the cutting edge of societal evolution. I wish, through my photography and photo essays, to convey and inspire the viewer with the quality of that hope and excitement for a better future.”

James is exploring Latin America’s rapidly evolving social and political landscape, traveling and photographing in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. He is preparing a book,“Mexico: Portraits of Complexity.” His website,, features the book length photography and research project“Demanding The Land,” with political scientist Paul Dosh. James received a Fulbright Fellowship in 2004, to teach and photograph in Colombia.

       James Lerager,

Opening Boundaries
    Doug Minkler’s Politics & Posters

“Corporations want artists to glorify their wars, their products & their philosophies. I make posters for my own preservation, that is, planetary preservation. My prints are inspired not by rugged individualism, but by the collective humor, defiance, & lust for life exhibited by those on the margins.”

In his 30 years as an innovative poster artist, Doug came to realize that an important key to stimulating change in our society is the very task that he and most other political artists have too often avoided; that is, illuminating those inspirational acts of compassion and solidarity that occur daily, but are rarely highlighted by artists. It is these images of hope that have the power to create real change in our society.

       Doug Minkler,

Opening Reception : Thursday : March 22 : 6 to 10 pm

      James Lerager : Photographs : Southern Exposure

      Doug Minkler : Posters : Opening Boundaries

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