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The Photographer's Exchange:
A Quarter Century of Sharing the Light



BC Space Gallery is very pleased to present: The Photographer's Exchange: A Quarter Century of Sharing the Light


The Photographer's Exchange was founded in 1990 by accomplished fine art photographers Larry Vogel and Larry Weise. They were joined shortly thereafter by avid collector Larry Pribble. The three Larrys as they became known, shared a passion for the exciting art and exacting craft of photography and were seeking a means to ignite enthusiasm in kindred spirits.


What began as the occasional gathering of a few fellow enthusiasts gradually evolved into a more formal organization with dramatically expanded membership and regular monthly meetings at which they shared information on traditional and new photographic techniques and processes, worthwhile exhibitions, and critiqued each others work.


Never a camera club, and without the rigors of a school, the Photo Exchange remained focused on bringing its members together to enhance their visual literacy through freely sharing their passion and knowledge of the art of photography. This collection of work in this exhibition represents the culmination of twenty-five years of "Sharing The Light" and clearly illustrates that the collective can indeed be greater than the sum of its parts.


The Photographer's Exchange members included in this anniversary exhibition include:


Nancy Albright, Paul Anderson, Roger Bennett, Linda Berman, Jan Brueckner, Ellen Butler, Frank Cancian, Harvey Chin, Bill Collins, Carlos Corraces, Sandor Demlinger, Bill Edwards, Brad Kim, Mike and Michelle King, Jim Koch, Janos Lanyi, Raguel Landworth-Kleinhenz, Scott Mathews, Manual Martinez, Marc Plouffe, Bill Prothero, Diane Reeves, Barbara Runge, Robert Staerck, Kathy Shapiro, Doug Stockdale, Larry Vogel, Barbara Wartman, Michael Weitzman.


The exhibition will be on display through August 30. Normal gallery hours are 1-5 PM Fridays through Sunday.


For further information contact the gallery at (949) 497-1880. Additional contacts are: Scott Mathews (714) 345-7595, Bill Edwards (949) 307-5360, and Jim Koch (949) 646-2242.

Eye of the Beholder will be on display through March 22, 2015. For additional information please contact BC Space Gallery at (949) 497-1880.

For additional information please contact the gallery or Mark Chamberlain.


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